A new site and new volunteers see NARC visit Long Mathew Point and Stackpole. Click here for more details. One of our new volunteers,  Conor Willmott on his first ever clean up with NARC said “ For my first NARC dive, I picked a pretty good day for it, sunny weather, calm seas, and the stunning views of the famous Pembrokeshire coastline.

The diving was great, and it’s really satisfying to dive with a purpose, especially when it’s for such a good cause. We spent both dives collecting fishing line, lead weights, and all different sized fishing hooks. We even un-tangled half a dozen Spider Crabs, and un-hooked a Dogfish. And at the end of the day, we collected 300+ lead weights, a large bagful of fishing line, and even two lobster pots!

This is definitely going to become a regular thing, the first of many!!” 

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