CONSTITUTION (First adopted on Aug 30th 2005 – amended 30th March 2010)

Neptune’s Army of Rubbish Cleaners, abbreviated to and generally known as NARC, shall be an affiliated Keep Wales Tidy ‘Coast Care’ group.


The aims of NARC are to:

  • Locate, document, retrieve and responsibly dispose of underwater debris from the sea and freshwaters of Pembrokeshire using volunteer divers;
  • Collect data on the distribution, nature and amount of underwater debris and its environmental impacts;
  • Spread awareness of the presence of underwater marine litter and the environmental threats it causes;
  • Educate water users and the public so as to reduce the input of debris to the sea.


NARC shall be administered by a committee of at least five individuals elected by simple majority vote at an Annual General Meeting of the membership.

The committee shall meet as necessary, but not less than once annually, with a quorum of not less than three officers.

The core officers of NARC shall be Chairman, Vice Chair, Secretary, Treasurer and Safety Officer.

Additional officers, including Public Relations Officer, Fund Raising Officer, Website manager, Equipment Officer and Social Secretary, may be appointed by the AGM. Alternatively, these roles may be filled by the other officers.

Minutes of committee meetings will published on the NARC website within 14 days of approval by the Chair, unless abridged by the secretary for reasons of protection of the good name, security or confidentiality of the club or any member.

Committee members will not receive any form of payment for work carried out on behalf of NARC, other than the reimbursement of legitimate agreed expenses incurred on behalf of the group and the same provisions for air and food and drinks as that provided to all volunteers during a clean-up event.

NARC will maintain third party insurance cover for clean-up events

Non-committee members may not enter into negotiations on behalf of NARC, or use its name, without written consent of the committee.

The committee shall raise funds from sponsorship and grant aid to defray the costs of carrying out the activities of the group. Sponsors and grant-aiding bodies will be acknowledged but NARC will not be bound to endorse the corporate aims, activities or products of those sponsors unless it elects to do so.


NARC will maintain a bank account.

The signatories on the bank account will comprise the Chairman, Treasurer and Secretary with two signatures required to release a payment.

The treasurer will:

  • Maintain the accounts of the group,
  • Maintain records of income and expenditure,
  • Monitor the budget,
  • Report to the committee,
  • Present accounts to the AGM

NARC may purchase and own appropriate items of equipment for carrying out objectives of the group as approved by the committee.


Membership of NARC is open to both divers and non-divers; non-diving members are considered to play a vital role in public relations and collection of data.

Membership of the Group will be free.

It is a condition of membership that members agree to abide by the Group’s environmental and safety policies, the decisions of the committee and the decisions taken at the AGM.

It is a condition of membership that any member having personal financial interests in NARC’s activities, whether monetary or in kind (for example, the purchase of scrap lead collected during clean-up events or financial gain from the use of NARC equipment for non-NARC activities), make that interest known to the committee; the committee will make a decision whether the interest is in conflict with or may compromise the good name of NARC and advise the relevant member whether the interest is or is not acceptable to NARC; the Committee’s decisions will be final, binding and formally recorded

As volunteers give their time and experience for free, there will be no charge for participation in clean-up events.


An AGM will be held during the winter months to conduct the following business:

  • Approve the minutes of previous AGM
  • Consider matters arising from those minutes
  • Receive and approve a financial report
  • Elect (or re-elect) officers
  • Schedule a programme of events for the forthcoming year
  • Conduct any other business raised by the committee or members

Notice of the AGM will be given by e-mail to all members and on the NARC website not less than 14 days before the proposed date of the meeting.

Members’ motions for discussion at the AGM should be submitted to the secretary in writing, proposed and seconded, not less than 7 days before an AGM or EGM.

Any member of NARC may call an extra-ordinary general meeting upon presenting a petition to the chairman signed by at least one-third of the membership. The meeting shall be held within 28 days of receipt of the motion

Minutes will published on the NARC website within 14 days of approval by the committee, unless abridged by the secretary for reasons of protection of the good name, security or confidentiality of the club or any member.


The Committee will jointly:

  • Decide on where and when clean-up events will be held.
  • Produce site specific risk assessments;
  • Carry out on site dive safety briefings;
  • Take the decision whether or not clean up events will take place dependant on weather, sea conditions and potential hazards will go ahead;

All volunteers will be required to read and sign a risk assessment prior to participating in any diving event.

All volunteers will be provided with tokens to replenish their dive cylinders, refreshments dependent on the site and duration of the events and, where appropriate and pre-agreed, reimbursement of legitimate expenses such as fuel for boats provided to support NARC events.


NARC members may undertake promotional and educational activities to raise awareness of NARC and its activities, and /or of the issue of marine debris and associated hazards and impacts, as appropriate and as agreed by the committee. Members of NARC will not initiate or undertake any promotional and educational activity without the agreement and support of the committee.

Data on the distribution, nature and amount of underwater debris encountered and / or recovered, and its environmental impacts that are collected during NARC activities will be reported in the most appropriate manner agreed by the committee. Specifically, data will be provided to the Marine Conservation Society Beachwatch project.


This constitution will be reviewed annually at the AGM and amended as agreed by a two thirds vote of members present.