Green living has become the wave of the future, and as a result a new market has developed. Greener options are available in just about every sector; cars, appliances, and even gifts. Here is a list of the top green gifts to give.

Re-usable Shopping Bags

Plastic bags are a major environmental offender, as they can take hundreds of years to degrade. They often find their way to the ocean where they have been known to kill birds and marine life who get entangled in them or they mistake the pieces of plastic as food. Give the green gift of reusable bags, many people have integrated these reusable bags into their grocery shopping routine. EnviroSax has created a variety of bags in many colours and sizes. These gift worthy bags are not only fashionable but are also made of sustainable fabrics such as

Green I-Phone Apps

For the I-Phone user there’s a slew of green apps to gift, to help anyone live a greener life.

  • GetGreen – sends a green living tip every day.
  • The Find Green App- locates Eco-friendly businesses such as spas, and restaurants. Some users have touted it as the green yelp.
  • GoodGuide – Want to know which product is the greenest? Try this app.
  • Carticipate – Looking for a carpool? This social app helps link people who are going to the same place.

Eco-Friendly, Re-usable Water Bottles

Re-usable products are one of the easiest ways to reduce ones carbon foot print. reports that the United States consumes 1,500 plastic water bottles every second. Plastic is not only bad for the environment but also for the consumer as it leaches toxins into the water that have been linked to health problems such as reproductive issues and cancer. For a greener choice, give a reusable water bottle like the Swiss-made Sigg water bottles, they are Eco-friendly BPA-free.

Kindle- The Electronic Book

There is no doubt that the printing and distribution of books leaves a giant carbon footprint. Rather than gifting a book try a greener option; the Kindle. It’s an electronic device that allows you to download and read books often at a discounted price. Recently released books typically go for £9.99 each and older books for closer to £5.00.

Sustainable Household Goods

Looking for a great organic gift? Try handmade kitchen towels and napkins from Branch. The towels are handmade in Transylvania, Romania by local women. According to, the collective that manufactures these napkins works to preserve traditional Romanian handicrafts while providing jobs for women that allow them to stay home and raise their children. The towels are made from organic hemp and cotton grown on family farms, then harvested, processed and spun by hand.

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