Sun and deck chairs come out for latest dive up North

Voluntary dive group, Neptune’s Army of Rubbish Cleaners, was treated to some sunshine over the weekend during two dives in North Pembrokeshire. Heading out on Wandering Star from Fishguard, the group had a successful two day dive trip, which retrieved marine litter such as lead weights, lobster pots and even a thermos flask. Thanks to the constant sunshine on day two of the dive, visibility was excellent for the clean-up team meaning some clear sightings of marine wildlife.

Andrew Hughes from Hengoed Caerphilly, joined the group earlier this year: “I only started diving in the UK this year and heard about Neptune’s Army from a recommendation of a fellow diving friend.  I’m relatively new to the sport having only started about five years ago on holiday.  A few dives in and I am totally raving about what this group does.  I have a real passion for diving, but to do something so different underwater while diving is really interesting.  “Neptune’s Army or NARC as many call it is not just for divers as we need on shore support too. Since becoming a volunteer I’ve started bringing some of my non diving friends along to see what it’s all about.  I am determined to tell everyone about it!”

David Jones, Neptunes Army of Rubbish Cleaners’ secretary, added: “The weekend brought another four successful dives for our voluntary group. We managed to not only collect litter but free entangled wildlife including 2 lobsters and 5 spider crabs.  It’s especially good when we have new volunteers joining us and seeing them become equally as passionate as we are about what we do.  Marine litter is out of sight, but should never be out of mind.  That’s what we’re all about – trying to educate people about the dangers of marine litter and protecting the beautiful coastline we are so lucky to have.  If anyone fancies coming along to clean-up, we’d love to hear from you.”

To read more about the days diving and Andrew’s thoughts click here


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